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Having grown up in Kashmir, India, our founder Sh. Parshuram Sharma has been cultured and influenced by his family of Agriculture. Generations and generations of cultivation and harvesting of nature’s gift to humans have made him now want to take these gifts and benefit more people around the world.

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Himalyan Peanut Butter

Himalyan Kashmiri Dry Fruits

Himalayan & Kashmiri Honey

Kashmiri Tea & Coffee

Himalayan & Kashmiri Herbs

Himalayan & Kashmiri Spice

Himalayan & Kashmiri Herbs & Spice 100% Natural

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Our Kashmiri Mongra Saffron is the best quality of Saffron. Dark red, long, soft and silky threads has an extra-ordinary aroma (safranel), powerful coloring strength (crocin) and flavoring properties. We don’t use chemical material for cultivation No synthetic pesticides, no food additives, no preservatives substances 100% Natural Saffron

Himalayan & Kashmiri Herbs & Spice 100% Natural

Himalayan & Kashmiri Honey 100% Natural

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